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Frequently Asked Questions
How long has Gresham had a Youth Basketball Program?

Gresham Youth Basketball was created by the Gresham High School Boys Basketball staff just prior to the 2016-17 Winter season. As a staff, we came on board and found that there was no youth program in place for Gresham. All successful high school programs offer a youth program for players in the general area around the high school so we immediately began putting the pieces together to build a program for these players.

What ages / grades can participate?

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys are eligible to particiate in our winter basketball program (November-February). Our goal is to have two teams at each age group for the 2018-2019 season. 

What league is Gresham Youth Basketball associated with?

We participate in the Three Rivers League, also known as the TRL league. This league is the most competitive youth basketball league in the greater Portland area, offering a 15-20 regular season game schedule, along with tournament options and playoffs.

Three Rivers League offers three skill-level brackets for each age group: Gold, Siver and Bronze. In our first season, our 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams participated in the Bronze bracket and two of our three teams won the bracket with one of those teams even winning the championship game for their age group and the other finished as the runner-up. It was a great way to start the program off!

Why Participate in the TRL league?

Our reasoning for putting our Gresham teams in the TRL is for competition. We have yet to see a real competitive league in East County that will help prepare our younger players for high school. We absolutely support 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders participating in YMCA and have had some good conversations recently with YMCA. That said, we recommend all 4th-8th grade players in the Gresham area to participate in the Gresham Youth Basketball program during the winter months.

How much travel is involved? 

There is some travel involved with TRL with half of our games away with some games on the west side of town and half of our games at Gresham High School. Our staff did a great job of making sure we scheduled games on the weekend as well with very few, if any, weekday games. Teams will practice twice a week in the Gresham area and we typically have 1-2 games on the weekend starting in late November. 

When are tryout dates and times and what is the tryout fee?

For the 2018-19 season, we have set our tryout dates for October 27th, 28th and 29th at Gresham High School. See times on our tryout page. We will work with football players who are finishing up their season on these dates. If you have a conflict on all three dates, we will work with you as well, but we recommend you attend at least two tryout sessions. The tryout fee is $15 a player and this can be paid at check-in on the first day of tryouts. 

Are players outside of the Gresham area allowed to tryout?

The answer is yes. We see our program as a big advantage for any player who wants to play good, competitive basketball. And it’s no secret that players who enter high school after 8th grade, can attend Gresham High School even if they live outside the boundary with Gresham having open enrollment.

How many teams will you keep in each age group?

Our plan this year is to have at least two teams in each age group for the 2018-19 Winter Season. We typically keep 8-10 kids on a team (sometimes more). 

What age groups are eligible for tryouts?

We will have teams in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade brackets. We will allow 3rd graders to try out for the 4thgrade team and we have no issue moving players up who need to be challenged more. This is always a decision that comes from the Gresham Youth Basketball staff. 

We understand some players will be participating in middle school basketball and that is fine and we support that, but the feedback we heard from most parents last year was they wanted a more competitive program during this time of year, and the middle school program ends pretty early.

Who coaches the teams?

For the first two years, we have hired parents to run our teams and for the most part they have done a good job. We will look to add some additional coaches to the youth staff this year and each of our high school coaches will be assigned to an age group to act as a mentor to our youth staff while also being an assistant coach for teams in those age groups. 

What benefit does the Gresham Youth Program give me over other programs?

The biggest advantage to our program are the following: competition, coaching, connection with the high school staff. I will always recommend 1st thru 3rd grade players to participate in YMCA, but the most competitive high school programs around the state have good, solid youth programs and they all start at the 4th grade level. We will offer the most competitive league in Gresham with the best coaching and with a solid connection to the high school staff at Gresham High School

If I make a team, how much is the team fee?

Winter season fees are estimated to be $230 a player for the season. This will include all of your practice time, games, uniform, tournament, referees, etc. We make this program as affordable as possible and we offer payment plans to those who need to make payments. We never want the cost to affect a player's participation.

Changes to Gresham Youth Basketball This Season
   1. High School coach assigned to each age group to serve as assistant and mentor to coaches
   2. We will hire officials to officiate our games so our high school staff can be on the bench with their assigned teams.
   3. Team pictures: Each group will receive team pictures this year
   4. One tournament: High school program will pay for one tournament for each team this year.
   5. Youth Games: We will look to have our youth teams play games at half-time at the high school games.
   6. GYB Board: We will look to create a board for GYB this season.

How to register for tryouts!

The simplest way to register right now is to send Coach Lyslo an application via email so I can get you on the list. He can be reached at

Please let as many people know as well if you can.
Word of mouth is always helpful with tryouts and these new programs.